First, finally learned the wizards name. Second, our fourth party member has returned. He created a new character rather than use a pre-gen. He created a paladin named Lockwood (I think). Basically a walking tank.

Also, I switched my Divine Domain from Life to War. Doing so gave me a bonus weapon attack when I attack. So I could use a spell and weapon up to three times a day. Also gave me Divine Strike which basically allowed me to add a +10 to my attack roll. Pretty much guaranteeing a hit. If I did that with the Guiding Bolt and do 4d6 damage. Against something like the bugbear that’s a pretty damaging attack.

Anyway, we left off last week having barely survived the surprise attack by the Redbrand Ruffians. Lockwood showed up just after the fight and helped us deal with the crowd and ‘talk’ to the surviving ruffian. We got as much info as we could, however he had nothing new to tell us other than how to get into the manor. Turns out there are two ways in, the front door and a hidden cave.

Before heading to the manor we went to talk to Daran Edermath since he was the the reason I was here. Turns out he is a member of The Order of the Gauntlet, which is a good thing because I had thought Halia was but she’s part of Zhentarim.

After talking to him we decided to head to the manor since there wasn’t really anything else to do right now. At this point we all have been given side-quests (except for Lockwood).

We had a fairly lengthy discussion about how to enter, whether to go in the front door or the cave. I was all for the cave since chances were, considering the luck we’ve had so far, would dump us into a room with the biggest bad guy (next to Glasstaf).

I was out voted, which is probably a good idea and we went through the front door. The manor itself was empty so we followed the footsteps in the dust and made our way into the basement. Using my Stonecunning I learned that the walls of the basement were old. Very, very old. Not sure what that has to do with anything but we’ll see.

In the first room all we found was a bag of clothes with some treasure. Granted it appears to be a waterproof bag, but it’s just a bag.

As we attempted to go into another room we ran into 3 more ruffians. They quickly knocked out Poppy since she was the one picking locks and opening doors. Lockwood was behind Poppy and served as basically an immovable wall that they had major issues getting damage on. (Hard to inflict damage on someone with an AC of 20)

So Lockwood attracted their attention while I dropped back and danced around firing Guiding Bolt and healing spells. Aerlys (the wizard) got in a few shots as well as Wolfrin.

After defeating them and looting, the makeshift barracks we headed into another room. This was a hallway in which I sprung a hidden trap. THe floor collapsed but I was able to grab the ledge as I fell. After some discussion we decided to have Poppy scamper down one side then back up the other so that we would have ropes to climb down and up. It was the only way to safely traverse the chasm since it was 10 feet across and there was no way I or Lockwood would make a successful jump.

After that we mopped the floor with a few skeletons that were revived to basically server as early warning systems for the prison. Inside were another two ruffians that put up a fight but we took them down.

In the prison was a villager and her children who have been freed.

That ends that session. it was shorter because it was out first time in the new location and we have a group wide meeting to talk about the new digs and the new setup for Adventurers League.

Jason is away next week so I’m going to run Lockwood through the combat scenarios in the twin pools and our first encounter with the ruffians to catch him up and give his character some XP.

That said, I’m going to make some changes to Thorin. First, I’m witching back to the Life Domain. Basically because it fits the character and the class better. His personality is that he doesn’t trust himself and lets others act first. In addition, being a cleric he needs to stay back and be ready to heal anyone that is getting badly beaten.

So I’m going to start doing exactly that. Hanging back and using my ranged attacks on bad guys. Throwing my hand axe and using my Sacred Flame cantrip. Throwing out healing word when I can since it’s a bonus action with the occasional Guiding Bolt.

I’m also going to use Wolfrin as a guard wolf and as a ‘shield’. By that I mean he will stand between me and the bad guys, attacking them if they get too near.

In addition, if a party member falls I can send Wolfrin to stand guard until I can heal them. Hopefully it won’t put him at too much risk since most times the bag guys go for the biggest threat. If Wolfrin isn’t attacking, only defending then he shouldn’t register as a threat.