So after rescuing Sildar from the goblins we listened to his spiel and decided to clear out the rest of the cave. We tried to sneak up and around to what turned out to be the twin pool but were ambushed by the sneaky bastards. The wizard, Sildar and myself tried to rush across the bridge as the goblins underneath cut away the supports. Wizard made his Dex throw and managed to hang on, something neither I nor Sildar managed. We both took damage as we fell to the stream below. Wizard managed to scorch two of the four but before I was able to even stand up the other goblins breached one of the damns. Again I failed my throw and got swept away. Fortunately, even though I failed it was a decent enough roll that I ended up back near the mouth of the wolf den.

When turned out to be the best possible thing for me. While Poppy, Sildar and Wizard took care of the goblins (well, Poppy and Wizard. Sildar kept having really bad attack rolls) I decide to attempt to tame a wolf. I rolled a 19 which turned into a 22 when I added my +3 Animal Handling. So not only did I tame him but the DM allowed me to use him as a mount. So we charged back through Klargs cave and up into the room where the goblins were.

A pissed off cleric dwarf on a dire wolf wielding a warhammer.  Oh, it was on!1

So I flung my handaxe taking out one of the goblins flinging arrows at Wizard then turned and charged Wolfrin (a proper Dwarven name) into the goblin that was menacing Sildar. He took a big chunk out of him, leaving only one goblin left for Sildar to face.

Sadly the Sildar / goblin was like a bad Monty Python skit. Neither could hit the other.

Poppy took out the remaining goblin on the far side while Wizard took a pot shot at the goblin swing his short sword at Sildar.

Long story short, we took them all out with minimal damage. Sildar was down to 1 and I had taken damage from the earlier fall and floor, and Wizard had taken a few arrows but over all we were good. Tired, but good.

During cleanup we discovered that some of the goods the goblins had snatched belonged to the Lionshield Coaster in Phandalin so we decided (with support from Sildar) to take a few items with us to give Lionshield and let them know where the rest were. Not sure why we were bwing exceptionally nice but it never hurts.

We got into town, finally, at the end of the day. We dropped off the supplies at Barthens, took the rest to Lionshield and stocked up on a few provisions.

Wizard and Poppy got ball bearings. Something I don’t get but they have more play time than I do so…

We met up with Halia and Poppy dumped her history on her. Halia was a little skeptical until I mentioned that aI was here at the request of Daran Edermath to help clear out the Redbrands. Afterward we talked with Halia a while and eventually went to bed in the barn, me curled up next to Wolfrin. Or more likely he curled up next to me.

We met Sildar the next morning, got our fee for getting him back to Phaladin along with clearing out the Cragmaw hideout. As we left the StoneHill Inn we were met by a group of Redbrands who weren’t too happy to hear we had been asking about them. I pissed them off slightly (could have been more diplomatic but meh…) and we ended up getting into a brawl. Silder must have heard the commotion and come out to help. Didn’t really help and Wolfrin, myself and Sildar were knocked out of the fight fairly quickly (really?! two attacks per attack?). Wizard kept his distance and flung spells at them, as wizards are won’t to do and Poppy had leapt up onto the roof of the inn to strike at them from above.

They ended up finishing them off before anyone was badly injured or died (including Wolfrin). Now we need to recover and lick our wounds before heading over the talk to Edermath.

But that’s next weeks adventure.

  1. Yes, I’m aware that there is a fairly decent chance I won’t get to keep him once 5e officially come out. But for now… weee!