This one is a little different from the others, in a couple ways.
First, it’s my first attempt at using stat blocks. They are written for D&D 5e but I’m trying to make things generic enough that you could use any system with a few mods.
Second difference, it’s the first in a series of a longer adventure. I’m doing them so that you don’t have to play any og the stories before or after and can even skip around but still enjoy and play.

Hopefully all this works. I probably should have done one thing at a time… who am I kidding. We all know how unlikely that is ;)

After finding a treasure map on the body of a dead sailor the party encounters a group of cultists who also want the map. Not everything that appears evil is however, and things are about to be set into motion that could change the face of the world.

Save the Cultist, Save the World.