So the simple fact is that life has gotten in the way of late. Since the last post (way back in Oct) my mom dies, I got sick twice (once with strep throat), one of my dogs was diagnosed with cancer and had to be let go because the meds weren’t helping.

I’ve played two games of D&D since. Two.

In almost two months. Not a good ratio. And to make matters worse, we haven’t attended any board game sessions and haven’t played at home since mom passed. Nor have I written anything.

I’ve spent most of my time hiding in my shell watching movies and cartoons from when I was a kid and some newer ones that I really enjoy. Yes I watched Star Wars and Superman (the Reeves one). I’m a nerd, what did you expect :)

Hopefully, that all changes today. As tonight is Wednesday, and I am for all intents and purposes over my illness I will be attending the D&D session tonight. This time from behind the DM screen. It will be only the second time in almost 20 years that I’ve DM’d a game. And it turns out I actually love it now.

I will be updating the site over the next few days with the Adventures log of the Friday night adventures and hopefully putting down the story for the Wednesday night games, no matter what my role (I’m DM’ing next week as well :)

So here’s to getting back in the swing of things and to a brighter New Year.