Micro Adventures

The PDF’s below are what I call ‘micro adventures’, basically one page encounters that tend to focus either on RP (role play) or combat. I’m not claiming they are great, though I try to make them as clear and compact and playable as possible. They are essentially a place for me to expend ideas and practice writing encounters in the hopes of one day doing it for Wizards of the Coast or perhaps Pathfinder. Reach for the start right ;)

(These are listed with the latest adventure at the top)
Ambush A group of orcs have been banished from their clan, now the seek a way to return and regain their status.

Ancient Stories: An elven noble has requested your help in saving his family. To do so you have to open the vault and recover a powerful relic for a dark wizard. However everything isn’t what it seems.

Crown of the Orc King: A golden crown has been stolen and the Orcs are furious. Can the party save the thief, do they even want to?