== The Party ==
Azujhan Yarjrev – Dragonborn Monk
Edward Grusk – Half-Orc Barbarian
Elyria Wolfsbane – Wood Elf Ranger
Sven Evenhand – Half Elf Rogue
Lucas Higgs – Half-Elf Bard

== The Story ==
We ran. Hard.

I’m not ashamed to say it, we left our friends behind. We didn’t have a choice. The number of armored guards that were heading, quickly, in our direction made the decision for us.

The only way we were going to get out of the situation we were in, and make no mistake, it was bad, was for the three of us to escape, regroup and try to free Sven and Bosun later.

It wasn’t long after we took off that a group of guards appeared on the top of the ridge. They must have ran around from the entrance because I was dragging the rope and grapple behind me, so they didn’t climb that.

To be honest, it didn’t really matter and we didn’t really care. We only ran.

Eventually we came to a meager stream that looked like it was the last remnants of a larger river. We all dove into the mud and water and covered ourselves trying to hide.

And we stayed that way for a good hour while the guards arrived and searched up and down the banks. We were lucky and they didn’t find us. After another hour or so we climbed out and headed south for a while to put more distance between us and where we had hidden.

Thanks to the time I spent with Arian I knew how to create a blind to hide a campfire and we managed to get some warm food into us and dry our soaking clothes.

We discussed the situation and decided that our best course of action was to use the knowledge I had from my infiltration into the cult to pretend we had been sent from Waterdeep in an effort to locate a monk that was dangerous to the cause. Elysia was my advisor and scholar while Edward served as my protection.

Once that was decided Elysia went into her trance while Edward and I got some sleep. It didn’t sit well with any of us that we were sleeping while our friends were probably being tortured but we all agreed that to attempt to infiltrate and free them while running on a lack of rest would only make the situation worse. Knowing that didn’t make it any easier but I finally fell asleep just as the fire began to die down.

I awoke to Elysia shaking me just as the sun began it’s climb over the horizon. I woke Edward and we began breaking camp. We decided that since we were supposed to be coming from Waterdeep and not part of this group it probably was a good idea to ditch the clothings we had taken from the guards the night before. If we had been searched trying to explain it might have given us trouble.

Which turned out to be a wise decision. The guard bought my story easily enough, and even though Elysia pushed it farther than she should have we were okay. However the guard appeared to recognize Edward. Or at the very least, from what he said, thought he was with the part of adventurers that fought in Greenest against the Cult. It was touchy for a moment but the guard made a simple comment about looking like the person describe that I was able to play the Ogre race card. A bit of a dirty trick to be sure, but it worked.

We wondered around the camp for a bit and ran into a group of kobolds who seemed overly pleased to see us. We talked for a bit and things got… odd. And by odd I mean that they suddenly went from excited to talk to us to guarded. Which for a kobold is not a standard tactic. So we left them. Or tried to. They followed us. After a bit Elysia got tired of it and started asking them about the kobolds we had encountered the night before when attacking the guards that had camped because they fell behind.

This group knew them and knew of a group of adventurers from them. They (this group of kobolds) weren’t sure it was us, but they knew we didn’t actually belong to the encampment. Or at least seemed to believe that. So we walked around with them a bit more and talked. We learned that hunters would be arriving shortly to serve breakfast and that afterwards there would be a tour of the nursery.

When we asked more about the nursery we only got a location and that some of them had served as guards, an apparent privilege. They knew there were some dragon eggs in inside and, since they never actually went into the area with the eggs, that was about it.

They then told us that the executions would be taking place right after the tour was complete.

Which meant we had about a little over an hour before our friends were to be killed.

After a few more questions we learned that during the tour of the nursery that basically the entire camp was deserted with the exception of a few kobolds and the guards left outside the nursery itself. This seemed to be the best time to make our move so we wasted time by grabbing something to eat and meandering around the camp.

Once everyone started making their way toward the nursery we worked our way toward the poles where Bosun and Sven were tied up.

We rushed up as the last of the guards disappeared into the nursery area. Bosun had managed to get loose but Sven was out cold. Leosin had a knife hidden that we used to cut Sven free. Leosin then attempted to convince us to leave him by explaining that he had allowed himself to be captured so that he could spy on the cultists,. After I explained that once we escaped with our friends and he was left behind, they would torture him much worse and likely kill him, eliminating and possible chance of whatever information he had gathered thus far from reaching his allies, he relented and came with us.

Since we only had a few minutes before people would be returning to the poles we informed the kobolds that we had heard rumors of the adventurers trying to infiltrate the nursery to destroy the eggs. They ran off screaming about an invasion, giving us the distraction and time we needed to climb up the back wall, just as we had the night before, and escape back to Greenest.

A couple of days later Leosin stopped by our rooms to talk. He thanked us for helping him and asked if we could help him complete his mission. That help would involve returning to the camp we escaped from and potentially infiltrating again. This seemed excessively risking to me seeing as how just about every person within the camp now knew what each of us looked like.

He implored Bosun on behalf of the Harpers, and when I pushed the issue further insisted that Bosun take the assignment. Not wanting to see our friend go off on his own, the rest of us agreed (some more reluctantly than others) to accompany him.

The trip back to the encampment was uneventful. As was our arrival. Since the camp had been abandoned.

As we made our way in through the main entrance we saw a bunch of wagon and pack animal tracks leading west. We decided to make a cursory examination of the cave to see if the dragon eggs were still there. Elysia volunteered if we could figure out a way to make it easy for her to sneak in.

Bosun cast some spell to make her invisible and she disappeared into the opening.

I sat, attempting to carve. I don’t have Brother Lemins talent but it helps me relax. I’ve never been good at meditation and carving, however poorly, helps me calm my mind. Bosun played on his lute and Edward poked around the encampment looking for anything out of place. After an hour Elysia became visible in front of me, bleeding slightly from her side. Apparently she had spend the entire time exploring the cavern and had found the dragon eggs. It was on her way out that she triggered a trap and got injured.

After talking it over we decided it was in our best interests to destroy the dragon eggs. So it turned out to be a good thing that she went in alone as we now had a living map of the path to the eggs and we knew, or at least had an idea of what was in each successive room. Granted that didn’t do us any good when we triggered the rest of the traps that she had skirted past but we all managed to make it through, taking out guards and kobolds along with way with very little trouble.

When we reached the shrine area Cyanwrath was still there with his body guards. Myself, I was anxious to exact a little revenge on the half-dragon. Elysia cast an ensnaring spell and fired an arrow at Cyanwrath. He managed to break the spell but Bosun cast Dissonant Whispers, which caused him to back into a corner. I think we caught him by surprise when both Edward and I rushed him, pinning him in place as we focused entirely on him, willing to take blows from his compatriots.

It was a struggle, and each of us took abuse but in the end we took down the half-dragon bastard and his two brutes.

Which of course came to naught when Bosun opened the chest in the room, spraying us all with poison!

Thankfully Elysia had Goodberries that revived those of us that were knocked out.

Now we have to decide how to get to the eggs.