Or “What to do when no one shows up”.

So the reason for the last of an update last week is simple. I didn’t really play.

By that I mean I played but not with the people that I normally do. Our DM was out (business trip) and the rest of the table took the night off. So I sat in on the other table which pushed the player count up to 8. So I got like 3-4 turns the entire night.

In addition, they were 1-2 sessions behind us in the adventure. So I couldn’t really contribute a lot to the game because I already had foreknowledge of things.

I did get to try out my new play style (backing away from the fight and using the wolf as a guard) and it worked fairly well. I ended up taking no damage, got in a healing spell, and took out a ruffian on my own with a Guiding Bolt.

They ended up taking a different path into the manor and basically swept through the town rather quickly. All in all, not a bad table, just different. And the different style of DM was nice to see. If we do end up swapping around players (i.e. playing at different tables from time to time) I have no problem playing with this DM.

The table however is a bit different ;)