Things I never thought I’d say in D&D.

My home campaign takes place on a world in which magic hasn’t been seen for countless generations and only appeared again a few years ago. The context is important because the party just came across a group that seems to be practicing a form of magic that comes from eons ago when magic was once part of the world.

The bad guy was draining the lifeforce of people and charging crystals with it.

One of the players, a wizard, decided to try and figure out how it worked so that he can recharge the crystal he took as a focus without killing anyone so he tested it on chickens.

I had him roll arcane checks, and use the result of his role to set the DC the chicken had to make.

The chicken made his saving throw. Several times.

The wizard now has decided to keep him as a familiar. A chicken.


If he keeps it I have a backstory ready.