Few things to start off.

  1. I’m going to be telling this from the POV of my character in some regards. What I heard/learned as myself I will occasionally put in braces {}. You’ll see why in a bit.
  2. Due to vacation and illness I missed transcribing the last couple of sessions so I’m picking up from there rather than try to retroactively story-tell.
  3. Catch-up. We are in Thundertree. We came here looking for the druid Reidoth to get the location of Wave Echo Cave. He agreed to help is we:
    1. helped clear out the undead in town, and
    2. helped chase off the young green dragon that had taken up residence in the tower on the northern edge of town.

This weeks cast:

  1. Poppy – Drow rogue
  2. Thorin – Dwarven cleric
  3. Aesir – Human monk
  4. Yahni – Human fighter
  5. [unknown] – Human fighter
  6. [unknown – Dwarven fighter

So we left off with several party members last recovering from poison as a result of the spider attacks. While we were getting ready for the day a couple of adventurers came into town. Aesir, a human monk, and his dwarven body guard. According to the monk he was a hermit but there had to be either some adventuring or military background because he had a bunch of ideas and suggestions on how to handle the day.

The thing we settled on was resting for the day and using the Druids familiar (a hawk) to spy on the dragon every so often. When the report came back that the dragon was asleep I (the cleric) did a ritual casting of Silence on a stone which I handed to the monk and we all made our way to the tower. One of the fighters decided to search the room which delayed things a tiny bit but fortunately he stayed within the 20′ sphere that the Silence spell covered.

We carefully made our way up the three flights of stairs, surrounded the sleeping dragon and prepared to attack. Now, I’ll be the first to admit; there is a chance that we could have ‘talked’ to it and convinced it to go away. But I don’t think said chance would have been all that great and the chances of all of us dying before we had a chance to attack and drive it off that way were probably greater. As the monk said on several occasions, if dragon breath, we die.

Now, it’s important to note that the goal here was for us to simply drive off the dragon. We had no idea what might do that but we had a pretty good feeling that beating the crap out of it might influence it a tad in the direction of running away. So the monk dropped the stone with the Silence spell out the window and gave the signal to attack. Poppy got in the first lick and managed to do some significant damage {about 30 points worth}, I was up next and cast guiding bolt, followed by Aesir, his bodyguard and the two fighters that hailed from Thundertree, Yahni and [unknown]. The dragon woke up the moment Poppys short sword penetrated it’s flesh, but since it was prone {sleeping} and was in quite a bit of shock it was having trouble getting up to attack.

So we all continued to pummel it. After my second attack I ran down the stairs to the second floor and began preparing to lend aid and support to anyone I could should the dragon attack. Apparently we did enough damage to the creature that when it did manage to get up it launched itself out the hole in the roof and began flying away. Yahni, one of the Thundertree denziens, quickly climbed up on the roof and spotted the creature fleeing to the north. He called down to his brother who loosed an arrow at the beast.

Turns out we had done quite a bit more damage than we had thought as the arrow brought the creature down. {resulting in 3900 XP!} We celebrated a bit and then made our way back to Reidoth. There I cast Silence on another stone and Aesir and Poppy sneaked over the camp of the group on the far edge of town and kidnapped one of them to interrogate. Turns out they were nothing but a bunch of dragon lovers here to treat with the green beastie in the tower. Now that said dragon was gone they had no desire to stick around and deal with us.

While they packed up their stuff we cleared the town of the remaining zombies, killing off three in the smithy shoppe and burning down the tavern and barracks, both of which had about seven undead each.

After all of it was down Reidoth gave us directions to Wave Echo Cave and we set off back toward Phandelin. We stopped at Cragmaw castle to get an idea of how much effort would be involved in rescuing Grundrin from the clutches of King Grol. Now we have to decide if we want to go in, or try to draw them out.

<to be continued>