== The Party ==
Azujhan Yarjrev – Dragonborn Monk
Edward Grusk – Half-Orc Barbarian
Elyria Wolfsbane – Wood Elf Ranger
Tairen Lairoth – Human Necromancer
Lucas Higgs – Half-Elf Bard

== The Story ==
Tairen surprised everyone by stepping into the room as we were getting ready to enter the nursery. He had returned to Greenest and spoken to Sven who told him where we were. It was good to have him back as we needed desperately the assistance.

We all slipped quietly into the cavern and spread out along the wall near the door. Using her darkvision Elyria could barely make out a couple of dragon eggs just outside the edge of the light being cast by the torches. We all had the sense that the cavern was much larger than what we could see and so Tarien cast Light onto a couple of arrows that Elyria then shot across the expanse attempting to find the other side. The light gave her a better look at the coloring on the eggs and it wasn’t good. They were Green Dragon eggs and very close to hatching.

In an effort to get a better view of the cavern and see if there are more eggs Edward made his way along the upper ledge. After a few steps he became entangled in a bunch of tentacles. As the rest of us rushed over we too were ensnared, all save Tarien who managed to escape back into the room with the shrine.

To add insult to injury a group kobolds came in from the other side of the ledge and started throwing rocks at us

We all struggled or tried to convince the Roper to let us go. It would only do so if we promised to bring him food. Bosun convinced it to let him go and he took off after the Drakes we had passed on the way in. I failed to convince it but did finally manage to escape it’s grasp. Elyria escaped as well, however it managed to bite Edward knocking him unconscious.

I managed to take out one kobold before escaping to the other room with Tarien and Elyria. After a brief exchange with the kobolds, in which they ran back into the room with the Roper, Elryia opted to go and assist Bosun with the Drakes.

I dragged Cyanwraths body in and offered it to the Roper. He accepted, though I could tell he wasn’t thrilled about it. Seems the half-dragon had been his original supplier of food. Elyria and Bosun arrived with the drakes and offered them to the Roper as well. As they did I noticed a couple of the kobolds running down the stairs in the middle of the ledge. At the bottom was a metal gate which they unlocked and went through. After a few moments we saw them returning with Guard Drakes.

Not wanting to get into a fight with Guard Drakes and kobolds I ran across the room and down the stairs, pulling out the manacles that I had picked up in Greenest as I did. I shut the gate and used the manacles to secure the door, trapping the kobolds in with the other drakes. After Tarien finished off the remaining free kobold we took our time eliminating the ones below along with the drakes. Giving us free reign to go in an destroy the dragon eggs. Turned out to he three, one of which would probably have hatched in the next couple of days. After making sure there were no more we left the now empty nursery and made our way to Elturel.


We arrived and asked around for Onthar. A couple of townsfolk pointed us in the direction of a tavern. Inside we find the paladin Leosin described. At first he refused to really talk to us much, avoiding any direct conversation about the Cult. Even after we mentioned Leosin sent us.

After a bit of conversation we came to the conclusion that we needed to somehow prove ourselves to Onthar. I suggested we find a place to have a drink and chat and he cheerfully agreed. As he gave us the grand tour of the tavern he hinted, somewhat strongly, that we partake of some of the many contests going on through the area.

I opted to participate in the pit fighting. Elyria took the archery challenge while Bosun accepted the drinking challenge. At the time I didn’t know the outcomes, but I was pretty sure both would win. Especially Bosun. I had seen him out drink the captain on the Pearl multiple times. Finally, Edward opted for the ranged weapons. They invented a armor challenge for Tarien right then and there.

I entered the pit and faced their current champion. I decided at the beginning not to use any of my Ki, though that was probably not the wisest of decisions. We fought, but it didn’t last long. He pretty much had his way with me, putting me down after a mere three rounds. I need to focus on my training more and my basic moves. It wasn’t pretty.

The others though did well. THose of us that weren’t participating in the even watched and cheered on the one that was, so we all got to see Elyria sounded defeat their archery champion, and Bosun didn’t even get started before their guy gave in. Edward had a bit more of a challenge but nothing really tough. Same for Tarien. I seem to have been the only one to fail.

Afterward we seemingly proved ourselves we got together to Onthar and he had a squire bring us to his office where Leosin waited. Things didn’t go great. We didn’t get all the information Leosin was hoping for from the camp and we probably screwed things slightly by taking our Cyanwrath but not searching for Frulam. To be honest, I felt we were lucky to get the information we had and destroy the eggs without getting killed, and I said as much. Basically the same argument I made to Leosin when trying to rescue him. Bit stubborn that one. After relaying what we knew they told us what they had learned and offered those of us not affilated with a Faction to join if we liked.

Leosin asked that we make the trip back south and pick up the trail, following the cultists and try to catch and infiltrate the group.

Edward suggested it might make more sense for us to travel west to Balders Gate and look for signs of the marauders there. If we found nothing we could make our way south to Beregost and if necessary (assuming we were that far ahead of them) turn east, hoping to encounter the group that way.

Leosin and Onthar agreed this was a better idea and Onthar left to make arrangements for a boat to take us down the River Chionthar into Balders Gate.


The boat ride down was uneventful, but it was good to be on the water again. We we arrived in Baulders Gate I split off from the group and went looking for any potential Cult members in town, trying to learn whatever I could.

Bosun checked the docks and the other looked for Aiken, a trader suggested to us by Onthar to help facilitate. After a couple of hours, just as I was getting ready to pack it in and head back to find the other I ran across a couple of members of Rezmir’s group that seemed to be part of an advance group. They had arrived in Baulders Gate only this morning and were making plans for Rezmir’s arrival later today or tomorrow. I talked a bit and learned they were heading to Waterdeep by way of the Coast Way. I thanked them for keeping me in the loop and made my way back.

We met with Aiken and discussed the best way of getting into the group heading north. We originally decided to pose as guards but Bosun suggested we might have a better shot at learning stuff if we bought our own cart and filled it with stuff, with him and Elryia posing as the owners and the rest of us serving as guards. That way we would have members of the group in both of the traveling parties social groups. Aiken agreed and we purchased the necessary items and got everything set up on the field outside the city in preparation.

Edward, Tarien and I decided to explore the area and look for Green Esma. Not really sure why, but once we found her Edward got weird. The situtation became awkward enough that Tarien left and made his way back to the cart.

Edward and I stayed and spoke with Esma. Technically Edward talked and Esma tried to end the conversation several time. As he finally got the hint and we started to leave a group of bandits approached the cart. We couldn’t hear anything from where were were but could see the situation become tense. Once the discussion became physical Edward and I broke into a run, with Tarien halfway between us and the attackers.

We managed to fend off the attackers without too much effort, save for the leader. He took a while to bring down but eventually Elyria drooped him. We cleaned up and apologized to the other travelers and made ready to leave.