So. Yea. It’s been a while.  A looong, long while. According to the calendar it’s been over a year since I last posted.  Which means that anyone that was reading this likely isn’t anymore.

Oh well.

Anyway, in that time things have changed quite a bit. I became a Local Coordinator for Adventure’s League, then became an ex-LC as Wizards decided to eliminate the LC and RC positions completely.  Yay.

I helped start a replacement and left that due to differences in leadership, and finally, have started playing Pathfinder. Well, DM’ing it anyway.

Now, just about every Thursday I’m running a group through the Rise of the Runelords adventure path. I’m having a blast and since it’s no longer Organized Play I’m a little free-er to do things.

Right now we are going slowly since I’ve never run or played PF, and all but one of my players has never played PF either. And even that player isn’t an expert. So there is a learning curve, or more correctly, and ‘unlearning’ curve as some of us (myself included) unlearn D&D 5e and learn Pathfinder.

So far so good. And there has even been a PC death already. ;)