So, some 20 years ago I stopped playing RPG’s. Up until this time we played D&D, Robotech, Doctor Who, Marvel Super Heros, GURPS, and a couple other I can’t remember now.

To be clear I didn’t stop because I though they were the devils work or because they were twisting my mind, but because the group I played with… ‘grew up’.

Basically, we all got jobs, girlfriends (yes, we … well, they had girlfriends) and went our separate ways. We stopped making time for gaming.

Many years later (also known as a few years ago) I decided to get back into the RPG world. Since I hadn’t touch anything (other than the books I kept and the occasional one off I picked up here and there) I didn’t have a clue where to begin. D&D had changed drastically since I had played last, and now there was Pathfinder and Fate, Heroquest, Savage Worlds… so many systems. And so many one-offs. So I went looking for group.

For two years.

Long story short I found one, and this blog will chronicles my adventures as I rediscover the many worlds and creatures in the myriad of systems.

Care to join me? Awesome! Roll initiative…