This is why we play.


If you play Dungeon & Dragons Adventurer’s League and haven’t played DDAL04-02 and don’t want to be surprised, be warned… there be spoilers!


Long time no see…

I have been woefully lacking in updates. A whopping two in the last seven months. For that I apologize. The bi-weekly Friday night games are still going on. There is a new weekly game...


Dwarven War Chicken


Things I never thought I’d say in D&D. My home campaign takes place on a world in which magic hasn’t been seen for countless generations and only appeared again a few years ago. The...


Tane’s Lament

This one is a little different from the others, in a couple ways. First, it’s my first attempt at using stat blocks. They are written for D&D 5e but I’m trying to make things...


Mere of Dead Men


== The Party == Azujhan Yarjrev – Dragonborn Monk Edward Grusk – Half-Orc Barbarian Elyria Wolfsbane – Wood Elf Ranger Tairen Lairoth – Human Necromancer Sven Evenhand – Half-Elf Rogue Lucas Higgs (Bosun) ==...


Goin on a sort-of haitus

Going on a sort-of haitus. Not by choice. On Jan 1st I injured my back by damaging 2 discs in my lower spine. I spent the better part of 3 days in the hospital...